George Manolas

Property Sales Consultant


Want to know the perfect time to sell your property? Ask George. Since he found his passion in real estate, this real estate enthusiast has never looked
back. An avid investor himself with a unique ability to recognize the details – which in the property market can elevate a beautiful home into a gem – he is able to take a fresh approach to every property campaign, understanding its true strengths, weaknesses, and selling points.

Residing in the South Yarra and Toorak areas for the past 30 years, George has a deep understanding of the area’s real estate market. This gives him an edge over other agents and has helped him to succeed as an investor. George is passionate about providing his expertise to all of his clients and makes sure that he includes all the pertinent details.

Outside of his life in the exciting world of real estate, he likes to keep his Futsal game strong with weekly games, but don’t expect much from his Squash game. In fact, he’s open to a few pointers.


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